Documentation policy statement

Established:         May 2017

Review Due:       May 2022



Murray Edwards College strives to achieve best practice in the documentation of the Women’s Art Collection.  It is committed to achieving SPECTRUM standards of documentation for all objects in its care and adhering to those standards for all primary museum procedures.


Aims and Objectives

The aim of this Policy is to ensure that Murray Edwards College fulfills its guardianship, stewardship and access responsibilities.

Through implementation of this policy, the College’s objective is to:

  • Improve accountability for the Women’s Art Collection;
  • Maintain at least minimum professional standards in documentation procedures and collection information and attain the very highest standards wherever possible;
  • Strengthen the security of the Women’s Art Collection, through location management;
  • Extend access to collection information.

This Documentation Policy Statement supports the Women’s Art Collection’s Mission and Forward Plan.

Documentation is primarily the responsibility of the College Administrator, with the assistance of the Curator.



  1. Accountability: Murray Edwards College will record sufficient information about the items in its care to establish the identity, location and legal ownership of the items.
  2. Adherence to documentation standards: Murray Edwards College is committed to maintaining at least minimum SPECTRUM 4.0 standards, specifically in relation to the Primary Procedures: Object Entry, Acquisition, Loans in, Loans out, Location and Movement Control, Cataloguing, Object Exit. Procedures are set out in the Documentation Procedural Manual.
  3. Adherence to legal and ethical codes: The Women’s Art Collection documentation activities will take account of current legislation, including all applicable legislation relating to copyright and IPR, Data Protection and Freedom of information.
  4. Security of information: Murray Edwards College will store paper and digital records in such a way that security risks are minimised. Backups will be made of digital records on an on-going basis.
  5. Collections management and care: Murray Edwards College recognises the role documentation records play in collections management and care. Records management ensures that the College is aware of the location, condition and value of works within the Collection.  Through auditing this information, the College is able to monitor any theft or damage, and to provide the police and insurance companies with full details.
  6. Preservation and sustainability: Murray Edwards College will strengthen the security of the Women’s Art Collection in order to ensure that key paper records are securely stored in environmental conditions that will ensure their physical security and long-term preservation. Digital records will be similarly held and backed up regularly.
  7. Keeping records up-to-date: Murray Edwards College commits to keep its Women’s Art Collection records up-to-date and will accession new acquisitions as soon as possible.
  8. Access: Murray Edwards College will extend access to information about the Women’s Art Collection by providing and maintaining an online database, accessible to the public.



This policy will be used alongside the Documentation Procedural Manual.  This Policy will be reviewed every five years.