Women’s Art Collection and its Role in the College

The Women’s Art Collection is owned by Murray Edwards College, University of Cambridge and provides a vibrant, innovative and inspiring environment in which our students, staff and Fellows live and work.

The Collection is a permanent collection of modern and contemporary art by women dating from the early twentieth century to the present day. The College has no gallery and the works are displayed all around the College buildings. The placement of works therefore needs to take into consideration the College’s fundamental purpose as a place of education, learning and research, as well as a place where our students live. The Collection includes artworks which some people may find disturbing, offensive or even shocking, and we expect students and staff to accept this as one of the features of being surrounded by a large and intellectually stimulating art collection as part of their daily lives.

However there are occasions when we recognise that we will need to act with sensitivity when deciding where to place art, especially at times when people visiting the College are least likely to be informed about the purpose and values of the College; for example, during entrance interviews or when new students and their parents are visiting the College for the first time. On very rare occasions, the President, the Chair of the Art Committee and the Curator will consider requests for temporary removal.  This will only be approved in exceptional circumstances, with consultation with College Officers and/or the College Council.