January 18, 2024 6:00 pm - 7:00 pm

In his online talk, Women & Water: Mythologies, Earthly Species, Hydrofeminism and Future Perspectives, researcher Federico Rudari explored water’s status both as a major necessity for multi-species survival and an indispensable tool of contemporary ecofeminism.

The talk looked at water as an element and medium to reflect on the experience of being a woman, artist, and woman artist. Through a liquid journey from the floating fluid visual universe of Eileen Cooper to the role of water in Phoebe Boswell’s representation of the Black diaspora, the talk drew parallels between artists in the exhibition to highlight the tensions between women and water, earthly and mythological creatures, ecological crisis and collaborative practices.


Read the full text by Federico Rudari here. 

Federico Rudari is a doctoral researcher in Culture Studies at The Lisbon Consortium (Research Centre for Communication and Culture – UCP Lisbon). His research focuses on the phenomenological understanding of contemporary cultural production and its perception by individuals and collective audiences, questioning mediation and pedagogical purposes in exhibition spaces.