Revisiting Modern British Art: Panel Talk

October 28, 2022 6:30 pm - 8:30 pm

Join us for a panel discussion on the legacy of Modern British art and the influences between generations of women artists from the twentieth century to the present day. The event accompanies the recent publication of Revisiting Modern British Art, edited by Jo Baring. The event is generously supported by the Ingram Collection. Book your free tickets here.

As the twenty-first century unfolds, notions of our cultural past and how our history has influenced our present shift almost daily. Within this, accepted artistic trajectories are being questioned and new connections made.Revisiting Modern British Art is a major new book in which experts in their field address specific aspects of British art of the twentieth century.

Presenting new perspectives on established narratives, subjects range from British Surrealism and the rise of corporate and public patronage, to nationality and British identity. Complemented by a range of striking images, this publication succeeds in showing the strength of the British artistic tradition while also encouraging the reader to rethink and explore the existing narrative.

This talk aims to draw out some of the threads within the book that are particularly relevant to women artists. We will be discussing legacy, generational influences, issues and barriers and positive change from the twentieth century to the current moment. Picking out stories which have been untold until now, and gaining contemporary perspective from artists practicing today, this talk is designed to ask questions and raise new lines of enquiry.

Speakers: Anna Liber Lewis (artist), Bianca Chu (researcher, advisor to the Kim Lim Estate), Naomi Polonsky (Associate Curator, The Women’s Art Collection), chaired by Jo Baring (Director, Ingram Collection)

Image: Anna Liber Lewis, Misha, Bleach, 2012. Courtesy the artist