March 8, 2020 - August 11, 2021

Femfolio brings together the work of twenty women artists who were influential in the feminist art movement of the 1970s in America. Commissioned in 2007 by the Brodsky Center at Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts in Philadelphia, the Femfolio presents a variety of feminist voices and styles.

The feminist art movement empowered women to produce art that reflected their individual and differing experiences of womanhood. The portfolio of prints includes representations of the body, ageing, identity, sexuality, race mythology and the natural world. Many feminist artists embraced alternative artistic practices such as performance and the use of textiles, expanding the definition of art through new approaches and materials.

The Femfolio features Emma Amos, Eleanor Antin, Nancy Azara, Betsy Damon, Mary Beth Edelson, Lauren Ewing, Harmony Hammond, Joyce Kozloff, Diane Neumaier, Faith Ringgold, Miriam Schapiro, Carolee Schneemann, Joan Semmel, Sylvia Sleigh, Joan Snyder, Nancy Spero, May Stevens, Athena Tacha, June Wayne and Martha Wilson.

The Femfolio has been generously donated by Marjorie W. Martay who is an artist, curator, publisher, entrepreneur and founder of ArtW and Women We Create.



Top left: Emma Amos Identity 2007

Top right: Joan Snyder Angry Women 2007

Bottom left: Sylvia Sleigh Douglas John and Ms Smith 2007

Bottom right: Miriam Shapiro Court Jester 2007