… And Encounter – Elena Cologni

October 16, 2017 - January 7, 2018

During a residency at the Margaret Lowenfeld Library, Centre for Family Research, University of Cambridge, to devise a strategy for engagement, artist Elena Cologni developed a nomadic and
dialogic sculpture inspired by the Margaret Lowenfeld’s Mosaic Test box and related book (1954). The prop was used in a series of encounters in the city over the period of a year under the umbrella project Seeds of Attachment.

The exhibition … And Encounter marks the conclusion of the project in the UK, and includes the sculpture, together with traces of the process in the form of drawings, collages, and constructions.

Cologni’s artistic research and interdisciplinary approach explored the bond between parent and child, in relation to the experience of place attachment. While Cologni set out to investigate the emotional, psychogeographical condition of motherhood, the work also highlighted the crucial role of non-linguistic forms of dialogue at the core of processes of identity construction, and in relation to place.

Elena Cologni is an artist, academic and educator based in Cambridge.