Wendy Earle

Wendy Earle is a British sculptor who was born in 1954. For over three decades years she has lived in West Wales, in a secluded valley that she looks after with her husband. This has shaped her practice, which is strongly influenced by nature and the Welsh landscape. Some of her sculptures are displayed outside, and as they are colonised by birds and insects, and become covered in moss and lichen, they become part of the landscape, showing how nature and art are inseparable for Wendy Earle.

This two-part work was made after the artist had returned from a holiday in Barcelona. The small, sinuous, screaming figures seem humorously desperate, and the fact that they don’t face each other, but rather seem to be looking up to the sky as they throw their arms in the air adds to their hyperbolic despair. She wrote about the piece : ‘In my studio with clay in my hands, I recall sculptures I have seen, people I have drawn.’ After making this work she realised that she had been influenced by the Spanish Modernist artist Joan Miró (1893-1983) and named it after him.