Susan Michie

Susan Michie is interested in absence and in what it means for a woman to make art.   The shapes produced by the handmade lines have their origins in something that appears to be distinctly subconscious, however. Michie describes them as ‘familiar but unknown, tangible but illusive’. What are manifested are at times amoeba-like organisms, at other times simple sheets slightly distressed at their edges.

A Dreamer’s Mantel  is from a body of drawings which reference the Bayeux Tapestry.. This embroidered artefact is largely authorless, and Michie is attracted to this disembodied state. She is also drawn by repetition, and perhaps too where it becomes obsession. Her ink and graphite drawings are locked in place by a repetitive mark-making process. The process is slow and painstaking and also in some way discreet.