Mary Christiansen

Mary Christiansen states that her preoccupation as an artists is with creating highly distilled, contemplative nuances of feeling in print.

She aims to compose images – drawn from nature and memory – of stark yet tactile forms, held momentarily out of balance; forms disappearing into immaterial shadows and configurations of form in spatial settings, undergoing transformation. She is fascinated by forms appearing like projections onto surfaces, fragile and immaterial articulations, punctuated by the interplay of light and shade. The delicate rediscovery of forms in space at distances defined by rhythm and structure, is interesting to her. Her objective is to create a state of suspension of individual elements, caught in a complex of layers with deceptive simplicity.

The printing process is an integral part of herworking process. The separation and building up of layers, multiple overprinting, the use of inks of differing viscosities.