Lexi Strauss

Lexi Strauss studied Fine Art at Hereford College of Art and Painting at the Royal College of Art, London. She was a finalist for the Catlin Art Prize 2015, and was selected for the John Moores Prize 2014 with Tupperware Party, and Jerwood Drawing Prize 2014. She has been also nominated for the Saatchi New Sensations.

‘Tupperware Party’ depicts a man breastfeeding a baby. The anonymous figure wears a suit and tie and fake breasts containing milk. He dominates the whole painting, giving no space to discern its context. The predominance of blues and greys isolates the composition and seems to strip it of humanity while the gesture itself seems both tender and absurd.

‘Hostess’ depicts a female nude, a pregnant woman, floating in a monochromatic composition. Far from painting a gentle and beautiful expectant woman the artist shows a ghostly, hideous and irregular figure. Strauss draws attention to the belly and breasts covering them with protuberances, giving the image a disturbing look.