Lauren Ewing

Since the 1970s Lauren Ewing has been creating sculptures, installations, drawings, prints and photographs. Her works are multifaceted and often simultaneously use images, objects, space, language and unique electronic texts that are thematically provocative and richly poetic. She investigates the vast construct of material culture in relation to memory and desire. Her art addresses the relationship of individuals to institutions and the collapse of nature into culture.

For Magritte plays with imagery and ideas used by the Belgian Surrealist artist René Magritte (1898–1967). Like Magritte’s paintings, Ewing’s work uses repetition, challenges the viewers’ perceptions of reality and combines images with text. A group of identical buildings are either raining down, floating up or stationed midair while people on the street below continue their everyday life. She explores the relationship between architectural structures and their location, and the interaction between textual and visual signs.