Helen Melland

Helen Melland makes paintings of abstracted landscapes and figures, working in acrylic and gouache on canvas and linen.  Her practice is concerned with investigating imaginative, other worldly spaces.  Transformation, archetypes and myth, the chaos and clarity of dreams, memories, echoes of memories – the collision of unknown realms that merge are a recurrent theme.  The work reflects an interest in multiple dimensions co-existing – flat space is contrasted with often intricate layering of varied paint textures and finely drawn line, from which juxtaposing picture planes emerge.

Born in Cambridge in 1971, Helen is the granddaughter of the painter/printmaker Sylvia Melland.

She studied in Manchester, Buffalo (USA) and London, and took an MA in Fine Art at Brighton in 2002.  Since then Melland has exhibited widely, moving from London in 2007 with her young family, to Devon, where she now lives and works.