Helaine Blumenfeld

Helaine Blumenfeld studied in Paris with the Russian cubist sculptor Zadkine, and now works in Italy and Grantchester.  She makes abstract sculptures from bronze and Carrara marble.

All three of the prints in The Women’s Art Collection relate to the interlocking forms of her sculptures.  A Celtic Tale relates to the multipartite sculpture Earth Mother, which she made for the Dance Event of the Year at Madison Square Gardens in New York in 1987. Earth Mother consisted of separate abstract forms, which were reassembled by the dancers to create the form of a reclining female figure.

The ease with which Blumenfeld positions her sculpture in the magical zone between abstraction and figuration has been the key to her success.  By not directly imitating the human fiigure, but instead instilling within her work something of nature’s immutable essence, her compositions speak directly and eloquently to our shared humanity.