Golnar Malek (Gol-e-Ros)

Golnar Malek likes to produce spontaneous emotional responses to the worlds within and outside the Self. She chooses a variety of mediums to reflect on what makes people, like herself, change tracks in life. Her favorite places for inspiration are Creative Milieux, where people from different backgrounds and from all walks of life make meaningful connections.

She started exhibiting at Passargadae Gallery 1995-2002, Tehran (now:Art Center). This period built the overarching subjects of her professional life as a visual artist. She is trained by master artists like Kourbaj, Miraftabi, and Atashzad. Her formal education is an art-based BA-MArch program at the School of Art and Architecture, Azad University of Central Tehran (2002). More recently she completed her MSt in Interdisciplinary Design at the University of Cambridge (2009).