Gisela Magdalena Moyer

Gisela Magdalena Moyer is renown for her work in hand-crafted paper wall sculptures.

She writes,

‘The medium of handmade paper has been a vehicle for artistic expression and storytelling in my life since 1977. The attributes that attracted me the first time I dipped mould and deckle into a vat of pulp are still prevalent today. Handmade paper is a source of constant celebration and discovery. Because it is my tool for visual language, it allows me to grow as artist and human being. It lets me tell of memories, impressions, beliefs, dreams and daydreams. Through it I can speak if things that mean the most in my world: family, community, love of nature and the joy of creating. This language is implied in symbolism and abstraction, the power of jewel-like hues, deep embossing, casting and impressionistic surface painting.’