Francisca Aninat

Born in 1979, Francisca Aninat, although young, is already well established in Latin America and USA.  In 2006,  she was awarded the Chilean government scholarship to complete further study at Central St Martins, where her installation Interior/Exterior Field was bought by renowned collector, David Roberts, for display at his forthcoming Public Art Museum in Camden.

Aninat’s work is created by painting, tearing and re-stitching canvases, to create a large fragmented whole. The resulting works draw attention to the core materials of painting – paint, canvas, thread – and draw attention to the process of making art, standing in between the two-dimensionality of traditional painting and the three-dimensionality of sculpture, revealing the weight, fragility,
transparency, and density of a painting.  As well as paintings, Aninat has developed a series of hanging sculptures, which play
on fragility and heaviness.