Erin Lawlor

Erin Lawlor received her Bachelor of History of Art degree in 1992 from Paris-Sorbonne University, France.  She has had numerous solo exhibitions nationally and internationally.

She writes:

‘Painting is for me a fertile place of prospection, a vector for the otherwise inexpressible. Working essentially in oil, occasionally in ink, beyond the physical presence of the works and the apparent gestural brushwork, an internal logic establishes itself, the paintwork condenses and unites, not so much a duplication as a translation of the sensitive that uses the ductile and resistant character of the paint itself. Each work bears in effect the echo of a movement, a fold or an unfolding, a sort of supple stratification of the texture itself. The works may be read as making allusion to geology, the enlargement of a floral detail or the memory of an enigmatic image referring to micro or macrocosm, at a fragile point of equilibrium between control and the accidental, fusion and a possible engulfing. The resulting images settle into paradigms, if not abstract (the reference to a life-form or reality is never far from the surface) they aspire to the abstract, being a condensation or summarisation of a subjective experience of reality.’