Choi Yan Chi

Choi Yan Chi is a first generation Hong Kong contemporary artist.  Since returning from her studies at the Art Institute of Chicago, she has been actively committed to promote contemporary art in Hong Kong for over 30 years.

In 1985 Hong Kong Art Center presented Choi’s solo show ‘an extension into space’. It was Choi’s first attempt to explore the format of installation and is regarded as the earliest work of this kind in the region.

In 1989, one month after the Tiananmen Square protects,  Choi co-curated an interdisciplinary performance – Object-activities  – in Hong Kong with poet Leung Ping Kwan and writer Yau Ching. The event attracted many cultural activists to take part.

Following shows in New York and Berlin, Choi founded, in 1998, 1a Space with six other artists. It is one of the progressive, non- profit contemporary art spaces in Hong Kong and is funded by Hong Kong Arts Development Council. 1a Space has initiated various contemporary art ideas and experimental curatorship.  The same year, Choi was awarded artist of the year by Hong Kong Arts Development Council.

In 2015, Choi was commissioned by M+ to work on a performative project –  Waiting for the First Beam of Light –  which was performed before sunrise on the summer solstice, as part of the MoMa Pop Rally project,  Yoko Ono Morning Peace 1964.