Boo Beaumont

Boo Beaumont is an award winning photographer, x-ray artist and filmmaker. In her artistic practice, Beaumont uses medical imaging equipment, such as X-rays and MRIs, to explore the inner structure of plants. Speaking of her technique, she says: ‘My aim in making these images is to capture the beguiling beauty of each unique flower.’ In these works, she has X-rayed a pair of lilies. Beaumont cites Georgia O’Keefe as a source of inspiration. Like in O’Keefe’s works, the flowers bear a strong resemblance to female reproductive organs.
These delicate and captivating works show the creativity which is necessary in both to scientific and artistic practice with 12 of her portraits in the National Portrait Gallery collection in London. Her c-ray flower images won a gold medal from the Royal Horticultural Society in 2004 and five pieces from her new collection of Shell Images were featured in ‘The Pearl’ exhibition at the Museum of Islamic Art in Qatar in 2010.