Betsy Damon

Betsy Damon is an environmental artist and activist, committed to raising awareness of the importance of water.

In 1985 on a cross-country trip around America she was disturbed to find dry, damaged river beds. Damon carried out extensive research into living water systems. Caring for water became the focus of her art and activism. Informed by feminist politics and campaigns to protect the world and its threatened resources, she founded Keepers of the Waters in 1991, a community based activism initiative. Damon states, “Water is a human right. Water is an earth right. Water is the right to life…Water is perhaps the most aggressive creative force on earth. It is the foundation of life.”

Blue Hole depicts a source spring of the San Antonio river in Texas. This site held special meaning to local Native Americans who relied on the river as a source of life. Damon raises awareness of our dependence on water and the urgent need to protect it.