Athena Tacha

Originally from Greece and now based in America, Athena Tacha is a multimedia artist, art historian, curator, author and professor, concerned with forms in nature.

Best known for her public sculptures, she also works with photography, film and printmaking. Through environmental art she has explored ecological threats, the female body and the concept of time. Her extensive travels have provided her with stimulus from nature and archaeology. Waves, spirals and spheres are her most frequent sources of inspiration; she is fascinated by their common elements, unique characteristics, cyclical nature and patterns.

Knots is a monochrome print of a swirling tangled mass. It plays with fluidity, energy, motion, rhythm and space. Tacha once said, “I would hope that through my work people’s bodies can eventually capture an echo of the rhythms that permeate the universe as I see it – in constant flow.”