Arlie Panting

Arlie Panting (nee Jones) was born in Milwaukee, USA where she had her initial art education, completing it after the Second World War at the Grande Chaumiere in Paris.  She painted regularly in London from the mid 1950s onwards, first showing her work in mixed exhibitions held for the Women’s International Art Club at the New Burlington and the Chenil Galleries in 1955 and 1956.

The Neo-Romantic, if not Surrealist, flavour of her painting has something distinctly American about it and fits neither into the European art scene, nor does it relate to Abstract Expressionism influence from the US.

‘It is very much an art that gives a personal mood with a sensitivity and serenity that recalls something of the Italian Primitives … it is very much the romantic spirit – suffused with reverie.’ – Conroy Maddox, Art Review, October 29, 1966